Dog Spider Costume Outfit Halloween Suit Giant Spiders Small Puppy Scary Prank


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  • 50cm(Spider body size 12*5cm, Legs 20cm)
  • 75cm(Spider body size 16*8cm, Legs 35cm)
  • 90cm(Spider body size 16*9cm, Legs 40cm)
  • M: Suit dog height 20-30cm / 7.87″-11.81″
  • L:  Suit dog height 25-45cm / 9.84″-17.72″
  • XL: Suit dog height 40-60cm / 15.75″-23.62″
  • XXL: Suit dog height 55-80cm / 21.65″-31.5″Tape Long 70cm, suit dog girth of paunch 35cm-70cm

Basically, you can wrap any furry black/brown material around something soft and bendable (like a wire framed bandanas or black socks stuffed with shredded paper) to make the legs. Then glue the legs onto a similar colored t-shirt that fits your dog. Then add a black antenna headband, if desired.

Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 1 in

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