Anti Static Keychain Mini Car Static Eliminator Electricity Discharge ESD Strap

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1. Metal bullets, good metal texture.
2. Rapid discharge, 0.2 seconds to eliminate static hazards
3. Safe and convenient, 120 kiloohm resistance resistor to prevent accidents caused by excessive current.
4. The appearance is exquisite and stylish, small and convenient, easy to carry.

Use method:

1. Use one end of the product bullet to contact an object that needs to discharge static electricity;
2. Then use the conductive material of the product head to contact the electrical conductor (such as: automobile, human body, computer, iron railing, metal object, etc.) to discharge, and the product emits weak blue light when discharging.


This product is strictly prohibited to use in inflammable and explosive environment. Do not open and modify this product, otherwise easy to cause trouble; do not throw cockroaches and apply strong impact; do not soak in water or put into fire; this product contains small parts, should avoid allowing children to play, so as to avoid the danger of children eating by mistake!

Weight 0.03 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 1 in

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